Thursday, October 11, 2018

Using DCSS to Do Your Support

There can be an upside to using DCSS for your support, in that it usually doesn't cost you anything to use DCSS instead of arguing in court (family law)...on the other hand, the DCSS attorney will be representing one parent's right to collect support, but is not actually there to fight for the parent, but rather to collect or help collect money for the parent that is supposedly entitled to the support.

In cases where there are various factors that attorneys know the DCSS is not that interested in helping with, it may be better to stay in family court at the beginning, if your attorney knows that DCSS will just seemingly ignore some of your assertions....

But when it comes to collecting back support and arrears, attorney does recommend that DCSS has more ability to go after the spouse or parent that has never paid.  Plus DCSS is linked to all the other support agencies in the USA? If you have a personal attorney already and want DCSS to do the collection part, your attorney will have to execute a waiver for you. In many cases, it's definitely worth doing and will take some of the work off of the family court.