Saturday, November 17, 2018

TROUBLE IN PARADISE! or Anywhere Near What Once "Was" Paradise ??

 Could it possibly be, just that easy,  after the huge fires in Sonoma several years ago, where houses were simply decimated much like in the local fire,  and now both Northern CA (Paradise, et al) and Malibu, Southern CA, just  "happened" to catch on fire, near the same time?  And that those 3 areas all involve CA land that allegedly will be needed or used for--- some high speed train system that isn't built?

But only in Butte County, not only does the death toll likely EXCEED 88 victims, but  a town is practically wiped out all in one fell swoop, and even with a planned "exit" strategy [which was to alleviate mass exodus/thus avoid harm in theory, by having "named zones like high pines or low pines, etc.] --- we are led to believe, by reading the newspapers and online reports--- that it [the fire]-- was  due to  high winds and whatever else that many claim involve PGE??? -- because the winds were  "too"  high and the people supposedly just not savvy enough or able enough to run fast, or to figure out why or how or   IF  they needed to evacuate??? Because, wasn't there already a PLAN for orderly evacuation? and NO evacuation notice was given to the majority?

Well, let me be just one person to tell everyone just how confusing  it was, for me anyway,  to figure out that there even WAS  a fire at all on November 8, 2018???  Y'all can call me an idiot, but I have been through fires in the past.......read on........

I went outside around 0815am, only by chance, and then noticed that 3/4 of the sky was blue--BUT I saw a very puffy cloud formation that had what appeared to be pink/yellow tones as well?

 Now I have been through 3 fires before, so it's not like I have not seen fires or not been involved in an evacuation.  But this didn't look, smell, or appear to be a fire right off to me........and it was actually very pretty--it appeared to be pink and yellow (not red and black) so I even took pictures of the puffy clouds? No joke!! There was no black smoke, no hint of burning, nothing but the clouds--- but only in one area? There was no robo evacuation call, nothing.  The neighborhood was quiet, no one was seen outside........

I then went inside and called a friend who always knows the weather, and asked him if by any chance, if there was a fire, and if there was, why he hadn't called me [he would definitely call me right away...]  He yells into the phone RUN YOU GOT 10 MINUTES TO GET THE HELL OUT!!!

...and the reason he knew there was a fire, was because outside his front door a few miles away, he apparently SAW the huge pillars of smoke coming from one side of the ridge. and he saw RED.
For anyone that hasn't read or seen the U-Tube videos on DEW (directed energy weapons)
here's small example...you be the judge. There are always people that believe the government is hardly concerned for the people, and there is some truth to that in all government.

The Congressional record on DEW:

S.2778 - 114th Congress (2015-2016): Directed Energy Weapon ...

Apr 12, 2016 - Summary of S.2778 - 114th Congress (2015-2016): Directed Energy Weapon Systems Acquisition Act of 2016.
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Feb 21, 2018 The U.S. military has a long and complicated history in developing directed energy (DE)weapons. Many past efforts have failed for a variety of ...
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Apr 12, 2016In GovTrack.us, a database of bills in the U.S. Congress. ... acquisition of directed energy weapons systems by the Department of Defense, and ...
Feb 12, 2018U.S. Army Weapons-Related Directed Energy (DE) Programs ... Potential issues forCongress include the following: ...... 33 The Defense Acquisition University defines a Program of Recordas a program that is funded ...
Nov 8, 2011“The substantial backlog at the National Archives and Records ... A new U.S. Air Force policy directive on “Directed Energy Weapons” specifies that ... A new report from the CongressionalResearch Service considers the use ...

Searches related to fire captain Lord on DEW weapons and forest fires

.....that's right. DEW fires can create their own weather. that's because the heat emitted from their weapon is off the chain hot. no trees were burned, grass was not burned, but in the middle of an open parking lot, there's one car, flipped upside down, gas tank intact, and this thing was so melted, the cylinder heads and engine block were reduced to a puddle running out from under the vehicle.
Scorch marks on the pavement with no vehicle, fuel, or anything around... fire started on a hillside out of nowhere, an ember would have to fly over the hill and then back to the other way to start this fire... check out the video called The Hill fire and cue it up to 4:25. take a look. there's too many weird things to overlook..
Do you know how hard it is to burn a pine tree from the inside out, still retaining the green pine needles? I'm not saying everything is a scam, I'm not saying it's genocide, false info, or anything else. But there are a lot of abnormal things going on with these fires. they're way too hot, they look like an accelerant was used in many cases, and there's too many things that are not burned around them, there just wasn't enough fuel around to create the kind of heat that was displayed. Keep an open mind people and just look at the footage for yourself.
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