Friday, July 5, 2019

Document Services now available

Legal fees and costs of most cases in family law is clearly beyond the reach of  approximately 70%+ of the population in California---where legal fees are  usually fairly high.

Due to this situation, attorney will be working with  legal document assistants (often termed paralegals) in various areas,  and the work is aimed at those who simply cannot afford to hire an attorney.   Locally, we have already established a non profit corporation which specializes in helping those who cannot afford an attorney, with more affordable legal/quasi-legal assistance in common areas such as family law, domestic violence, evictions, and other areas (including animal law related cases.) https://buttestrongparalegalandpets.blogspot.com/

As can be seen, we have done more than our share of trying to help litigants that cannot afford full scope legal help!!

 ---  Attorneys  willing to do what is known as "Limited Scope" cases,  means an attorney can be hired only for as little as one type of issue [i.e.--setting spousal, handling return on mediation,etc.]

   See the CA judicial council form  here: Notice of Limited Scope    https://www.courts.ca.gov/documents/fl950.pdf

   For Family law, California   https://ceb.com/Content/Images/uploaded/jcforms/fl950.pdf

   For civil cases:  https://www.courts.ca.gov/documents/civ150.pdf

 The statutory law for legal document assistant preparers: http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displayText.xhtml?lawCode=BPC&division=3.&title=&part=&chapter=5.5.&article=2.

Many individuals are unaware of the Limited Scope from that is available for attorneys to only handle a certain issue.
 Some attorneys are not going to be interested in this type of representation because they want to earn more money and not bother with something like "Limited scope."

We believe there is nothing wrong with Limited Scope cases and encourage clients to use this method if possible, as compared to having no representation at all.

Our goal is to mainstream Limited Scope cases to help clients and to save court time for the judges. Anything done by attorney is usually faster than without attorney, since at least the judge will understand what is being done fairly quickly. The last thing anyone wants is to have Judge ged mad at them, right?

Contact us today if you or someone you know needs this type of help. We are down to earn, realistic people that do not think we are above other people, or  that only rich people should be represented?

**Attorney has social work degree with much volunteer experience, in  both Sacramento and San Diego; attorney also has experience in bankruptcy law, animal law [over 13+years], years of experience with animal rescue, and with  federal case law, usually based on constitutional issues, improper search and seizure, PC 597 and PC 597.1 [partially illegal as applied]and criminal law; anti-slapp litigation and civil/criminal law involved.
In Denver Federal District Court, attorney represented the dog owners' interests against  breed law restrictions,in 2007,which employed breed restrictions without considering the canine's actual behavior. we did not win on that issue and no other attorney has managed to topple that local law as of today's date. They keep trying, but the federal court is using rational basis and so "any" basis is considered.
Attorney also has a 1993 CA State Personnel Board Precedent sexual harassment case which is still used today in the CA SPB published case files; attorney also prevailed in animal law post seizure hearing in Hollywood, CA several years ago, one of the few post seizure hearings ever won in that area. Attorney was also hired to represent owner of some of the Friskies cats [from tv commercials] after finding that the trainer was treating young kittens inhumanely. 

Attorney  guarantees the best rates because many of our cases are poverty law based, therefore, we aim to try and help those who do not have the highest incomes.