Sunday, February 3, 2019

When Courts allow Criminal Informants to Have custody?

Why would a family law court knowingly give a criminal informant (aka snitch) the
minor children? Why would the police be trying to help the informant?  Why would everyone
ignore the other parent, and listen to the informant?  Should judges in family court give criminals the minor children?

If you didn't know before, apparently in this county, and we are sure--in other counties-- one can be a snitch and then get treated like he's the greatest guy on earth.  Why?  Because obviously, he has done enough snitching such that the police, the District Attorneys, investigators and maybe even the Judges in family law courts, will GIVE him custody???  and what of the kids? Apparently it doesn't matter if you give minor kids to criminals on purpose. Even if the kids have an attorney appointed to help them (also known as minor's counsel..)
From what we have seen, in informant cases, minor's counsel may not be much help? Just guessing?

WARNING-- very little is written on family law cases where one parent is or was
a confidential informant.  These cases will nearly always be very difficult, because the
snitch will likely be given preference over the other parent depending on how much
leeway is owed to the snitch. Even if the snitch started years ago, and doesn't do as much
snitching as before, there is still an unspoken preference out there. Had we not seen it firsthand we would likely doubt it. It has taken attorney a year for the client to gain back custody. and that's WITH
a CRIMINAL PROTECTIVE ORDER IN PLACE AGAINST THE FATHER, which he already has violated numerous times. That apparently does not matter.

Bad parent may have:

Huge criminal history, jail, prison, VOP, you name it
Violation of nearly all parental ethics
Allowed to engage in child endangerment, slam into a vehicle 7 times with
  his own vehicle, with other parent/minor kids in it, and may not be charged?

Close to kidnapping, (or actual) and withheld visitation for months on and off
Lying nearly 100% of the time, no matter what subject
Used fraud and failed to properly give notice, but the Intent to Withhold Unit
just allows it, unfettered

Used kids as pawns and secretly grooming kids in bad ways
Was able to LIE to all JUDGES without  with some of them even knowing it????
Always able to get perpetual "intent to withhold" and when they expire, do nothing
   and keep the kids?

 Because both federal and state government allow criminals to work for
them as snitches, much has been written about the practice, and the pitfalls that occur.

  • Not to be outdone, academia has launched proposals for The Confidential Informant Accountability Act. A version of such a bill affecting federal law enforcement agencies is currently working its way through Congress. Its sponsor said the bill stems from a September 2016 report by the Office of the Department of Justice Inspector General about the extent of CI use by the DEA and ATF – with little or no oversight.


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