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Saturday, August 31, 2019



Monday, August 19, 2019

Is Limited Scope Right for Your Case?

Limited scope representation helps self-represented litigants in California

What this basically means, is that an attorney can, in Family law, handle only certain aspects of a case, such as, for example---- JUST domestic violence, but NOT the divorce, or the child support, or the mediation recommendation......OR, for example, JUST the adoption of the mediation recommendation [which is typically done at the law and motion hearing], OR, just the issue of whether or not supervised visits are warranted temporarily, etc.

How this helps litigants who do not have a full time attorney--it can enable clients to:

  • Prepare their documents legibly, completely, and accurately; · 
  • Prepare their cases based on a better understanding of the law and court procedures than they would have if left on their own; 
  • Obtain representation for portions of their cases, such as court hearings, even if they cannot afford full representation; and
  • Obtain assistance in preparing, understanding, and enforcing court orders.

 This assistance can reduce the number of errors in documents; limit the time wasted by the court, litigants, and opposing attorneys because of the procedural difficulties and mistakes of self-represented litigants; and decrease docket congestion and demands on court personnel.

In focus groups on this topic, judges indicated a strong interest in having self-represented litigants obtain as much information and assistance from attorneys as possible. 

They pointed to the California courts’ positive experience with self-help programs such as the family law facilitator program, which educates litigants and assists them with paperwork. These programs, however, cannot meet the needs of all self-represented litigants and, because of existing regulations, must limit the services they can offer.

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