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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Strategy Can sometimes Mean Everything--Almost!!

Attorney herein has this site, https://gotigerlegalfamilylawchicoattorneycchan.wordpress.com/, which explains how (in theory at least) a "Tiger Team" works...it is not a joke, there is such an actual thing in use over many years. Some of attorney's clients liked to say "Go Tiger" to attorney prior to trials, and then attorney (me) decided to look up the background of what a Tiger Team actually meant.

Basically, every case has components, and every issue will have facts. In some cases there are very few facts, and MOSTLY lies?? So if that's your case, then you need some evidence to prove what you are claiming, or defending, or whatever you are doing--there is a method for everything basically. Like in the military, there are rules for everything, and in family law cases, most of the issues and problems are due to the people, not the law, right?  Therefore, we have to work around the people and their claims, defenses, and nonsense in some cases? It is common for some cases to be more expensive than they should be, if one client is exceptionally difficult to work with.

Attorney has seen so much garbage in family law over the years, nothing surprises attorney these days. Drugs, lies, story-telling, paranoia, claimed "abuse", non-abuse, actual abuse,  being a witch, or being an ass, is very commonly seen in many cases. People are at their worst. Alcohol, and marijuana are frequent topics, bad texting, posting bad photos, posting on Facebook (definitely wrong)--none of this should be used for Family law. UNLESS-- we have to use it. Most judges don't like Facebook to be used for this, but attorney herein already knows, sometimes we need to use it, and we do. The steps required to get data [i.e. Facebook, online data,photos that are not authenticated, etc.] into court properly-- is not easy or fast; in family court, judge may not be too harsh but in civil court, all the rules have to be met. It gets expensive very quickly.

Attorney actually has a group of computer people that are pretty high on the chain of knowledge of how forensic computer stuff works, so this is very helpful. Attorney is very strategy oriented and to be honest, is hard to beat when it comes to planning and strategy. It is not necessary to remember every rule for everything as anyone can look up all those things, but after you have seen it for so many years, it's kinda like baking a cake.

Just remember this: if attorney's Tiger Team strategy can work for you, your chances of winning are improved. Not guaranteed, but we have a plan for that also. Never give up!

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Attorney's Favorite Case showing How Fiduciary Duty Went WRONG

This is the case where the wife won the CA lotto,  but never told the husband, and they
were married apparently, when she bought the winning ticket, and had not yet separated.

Fiduciary duties between spouses may end up in a breach of fiduciary duty, especially where the financials are not listed in the divorce documents.

Thus if one won the CA lotto, one would supposedly list that one had won the lotto, on the proper forms, since it occurred during the marriage and would have to be listed on the forms that we use for dissolution, under the asset/debt sections.

Image result for photos lotto winning

Eventually, the husband found out accidentally, that the wife had won the lotto, and he filed a motion to set aside the divorce decree, and for damages for the wife's fraud and breach of fiduciary duty. Unfortunately for the wife--the court ordered her to give all of the lotto winnings, 100%, to the husband.  

The separation date was thus crucial, because once the parties separate, all the earnings and everything acquired after date of separating, are then normally --- the separate property of each spouse.
 ---->   But the separation date isn't just for lotto wins--- reimbursement claims relating to payment on separate or joint debt, or in fixing rights to real property can come into play. CA law provides the community does have an interest in appreciation of an owned residence, such as where title is only in one spouse's name--the spouse owning the property could plausibly argue that the appreciation belongs only to that spouse--and there are a number of facts that could impinge on that theory. The separation date can also impacts the principal loan amounts. Businesses which were established before or during marriage which continue to derive income after separation can be impacted (valuation, up or down,etc.) Importantly , the date of separation is of huge impact for spousal support, or alimony rights. Its continuation or termination is of huge concern due to the length of the marriage.