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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

When You Have Beaten Up Your Kid+Pretend It's Not Your Fault?

IF one who has illegally beaten up their own child,  
and has multiple criminal charges pending,
including criminal protective orders,
 expects a court to believe because that one parent 
(who beat up the kid)--
 was formerly involved with the education program 
of the beaten up child...

.....that this means she or he should
 have either joint legal or shared legal custody--

let's just look at that premise for what it's worth?

Anyone who understands legal custody at all,  must know what it means.

And even if one knew what it actually meant, it surely does not mean --- that one who knowingly and willingly beats up a special needs child, --- where that child has a special needs education program, and who regularly is in counseling under either an IEP program or similar--  is somehow --- "entitled" to have legal or even joint legal custody of the child that she or he beat or beats up? 

Why is this even a question?  

This shows sheer stupidity insofar as common sense is concerned.

Same goes for most any mental abuse! Narcissistic Mother, Narcissistic Abuse, Child Abuse Quotes, Trauma Quotes, Verbal Abuse Quotes, Emotional Abuse Quotes, Adoption Quotes, Abusive Parents, Abusive Father

Common sense indicates that if any parent or custodial guardian 
or even a child without special needs----





Health and Welfare,  OR OTHERWISE.

This is both absurd and nonsensical at its lowest level!

In fact, IF it is shown that the child was beaten by one parent, and especially if that one parent is criminally charged with a crime or crimes, that parent is not entitled to legal custody or shared legal custody at all.

One cannot even imagine such an insane belief, especially as to how such nonsense would somehow benefit a child under the circumstances?   If such a parent provided financial provisions for the same, could we use THAT as a reason to allow more harm?  Hardly.  so WHY would fact that one parent who beats up his or her own child, be allowed to make decisions for that child's health or welfare or even education  after he or she has beaten up the kid????  Absurd!!!

IF a criminal protective order is in place (there may or may not be one)--- this is indicative that NO legal custody should be granted.  One doesn't need to be a brain surgeon to understand this.

     One may argue being a devil's advocate--- and claim that the parent who beats up a special needs child is entitled to participate in education choices? OMG?? NO, NO, NO !!!

 But in reality, if that was the case, then people who rape or attempt bodily injury to minor children, incapacitated children, even children without special needs, is somehow entitled to still participate in that child's education??   

Only an idiot would advance that insane theory!!  One must be so seriously off base to even begin to believe that anyone with such an opinion is all there.

But because there are some parents that ARE that far off base---that's pretty much why such parents
 would harm their own kids .....

--by beating them up in the first place?! 

 Most studies have already proven that child molesters, child beaters, murderers, etc.--- all have childhood trauma in their past or brain dysfunction--- or both??

All or nearly all-- it's almost inescapable. 
PTSD, molestation, rape, beatings, left alone most of the time, or inherited psychological problems that affect the brain.....far too many maladies to list. 

The majority of prisoners in prisons indicate that up to almost 70%+ may be affected..........


By the numbers: Mental illness behind bars | PBS NewsHour

May 15, 2014 - Human brain, computer illustration. ... Psychological disorders, including depression, bipolar disorder and trauma-related ... In state prisons, 73 percent of women and 55 of men have at least one ... For many of those inmates, their path to incarceration started in childhoods marked by trauma and poverty.    https://www.pbs.org/newshour/health/numbers-mental-illness-behind-bars

 It may be a hard pill to swallow,  to own the fact that one is a child beater or a child molester--but there are many of them, and unfortunately, many of such people are so far off base, they actually believe they are doing no harm to kids?

 The harm alone already done is certainly wrong, and it would be a travesty of justice to allow an offending parent, especially where charged with more than several crimes against the child, to be given either access or the right to determine what is in the child's best interests--- because obviously, one does not get charged with criminal actions in most cases, if there is not evidence to support such criminal actions in first place?!!

ADHD (just as an example) ---  is classified as a specific disability under federal civil rights law, and because failure to provide needed services to affected students could result in emotional,educational or social harm, it makes sense that a parent who has BEATEN up such a child should NOT be involved with that child's health, education or welfare, especially if criminal charges are pending or eventually proven against that parent, or where there is a criminal protective order in place against that parent?  This is not rocket science.  

Monday, July 6, 2020


Over the years, we tend to see a significant number of problems that just keep happening?

Here are some examples..................

Attempting to change or modify visitation for nonsensical reasons based upon non factual data
Lying about what really happened during visitation to take visitation away from another

One parent pushing the kids to go against the other parent
Neither parent working for best interest of kids, but only for themselves?

Constant fighting and bickering with each other over the right way to do anything
Failing to use common sense when approaching issues with kids

Beating up or causing harm to other parent under the belief that it's ok to do so
Allowing the other parent to harm or beat up your kid or kids

Refusing to work with other parent even though it's logical and harmless
Browbeating the other parent because you "can" ??

This is surely not far off by any means. 

Parenting these days
  is made more difficult by
allowing children too much access to social media, 
cell phones, and other media that
children really should not use at certain ages
 unless their education program demands it?

Should You Give Your Child a Cellphone? - Parentology

People used to learn how to read, write, talk, and be sensible and have a sense of duty to
others besides themselves. 

These days, ethical values seem to have been thrown in the
garbage and it's every jerk for himself?  It's me against everyone who doesn't like the same
things?  If your kids don't do X then your kids are losers?  

What is going on here is that
people are too addicted to social media and the like, 
and have lost 
all sensibility in 
their thinking.

  One does not raise children correctly by shoving them off to cell phones
and computers 100% so they cannot learn to interact properly with real people??!!! 



There is proof that young girls are self harming and even killing themselves disproportionately
when compared to males???  This is significant since obviously it does not help young
women!!!!  Kids believe they live with/by their cell phones. It is attorney's belief that
young kids do not need cell phones when they are 8, 9, 10 or even 11?

If it is just to call 911, then maybe, but otherwise, kids are being pushed into over reliance on cell phones for everything.  And if you're the one of many parents that have allowed it, you are not alone.
However, moderation should be used and exercised.  Failure to do this will often backfire on the parents and by then it is likely too late to change it.  Be forewarned!