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Saturday, November 14, 2020


CUSTODY LAWS CALIFORNIA This is from a So Cal attorney group, there is no use re-writing the laws here as you can simply read the laws as linked below, but Butte local rules will make a slight difference, we only have 2 judges for Family law; one judge is a former family law attorney specialist and the other new judge was a former district attorney. In larger jurisdictions, there may be at least TEN family law judges rather than TWO....... https://farzadlaw.com/california-child-custody-laws-guide

Thursday, November 12, 2020

NEW...EXPANDED PARALEGAL SERVICES, Butte and local areas, NORTHERN CALIF. 530.497.0777

 We are now promoting expanded paralegal services for local northern counties ....we can usually work on issues such as document production for Family law, Request for Orders including visitation, custody and mediation; CALL US AT SAME PH # 530 497 0777..... Divorces-- either uncontested, OR Contested, including visitation expansion; discovery, claim forms, all family law discovery including requests for financial holdings; requests which require a private investigator, and the like. If you need investigator work you have to either hire your own, or we can refer you to one....

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We also can provide document production and assembly for court filings including evictions, stay away orders, domestic violence and civil harassment and personal service of such documents via registered server. 

When and if COVID ever subsides, the huge backlog in all courts will mean it's best to do it sooner than later, regardless!!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Veterans Day Salute!!!

For all veterans! Today we give our thanks for all those nationwide who have served our country and helped So many...we are eternally grateful!


Saturday, November 7, 2020

How Many times Can You Say Something Over + Over Before People BELIEVE It?!

The "illusory truth effect" (also known as the illusion of truth effect, validity effect, truth effect, or the reiteration effect) is the tendency to believe false information to be correct, after repeated exposure. ... The first condition is logical, as people compare new information with what they already know to be true. Typically, in the news and in entertainment on TV, and of course politics, we can see this happening all the time.

Particularly with most of society, often glued to the Internet (not a book) but a computer, phone, tablet, etc.--people and even children may know how to
"read" but the truth is, actual reading these days is not something all kids do that well. Of course they teach it in schools but reading takes some initiative and time, whereas being glued to a TV, computer games, programs and ads not to mention Utube and the crap they push out there for kids--it's not surprising that kids today do not exactly learn things the old fashioned way?

If one thinks about it, if you keep repeating the same actual truth to a Judge in court, as to what you are saying--will the Judge eventually just believe you? In attorney's experience, the answer may likely be NO, because usually once a pro se litigant (without an attorney) starts up with the same argument, the Judge just won't want to hear it. Not again.
So basically when attorney herein reviews pro se documents [by those who have not had an attorney] for court that make up the case file, if there was never an attorney on the case, attorney will note that repetition galore has in fact been placed into the case file by the unrepresented litigant. Because judges like to hear legal reasons for why they should or should not do something, attorneys must somehow explain that legal reasoning if it exsists.

But believe it or NOT, even IF the pro se litigant does PUT that legal reasoning into his or her documents, many judges will just not take the time to read it all [from what attorney herein has noticed over the years] and will defer the case to mediation or wherever [it could be called something else in different areas or counties]..... Thus, after reading thousands of these documents over and over, it becomes apparent that attorney must restructure how the client does or does not take actual data, and what the client must do, so attorney can prepare the case so that you can win, since I don't think people prepare a case in order to lose it?

It is this exact problem that attorney can help nearly all clients with, plus the fact that attorney has been trained in people interaction and sales, which means it's a lot easier to convince someone about a fact if you can direct the explanation in a certain way? While all attorneys can make arguments if the case is on their side, not all attorneys are that good at arguing something that is not on their side? And to be honest, NOT all cases which have bad fact patterns can be changed--there are some cases so bad that they are not capable of being changed. However-- most cases can be changed to some degree.

Attorney does excel at changing bad cases, if only because this is what attorney has an interest in---fixing cases that were not fixed, changing the mistakes or throwing out some things and bringing in new evidence, there are many ways to change a case. One of the few things that often cannot be changed is when one parent has over-bonded with a child to point that the other parent basically has no contact with the child, and no type of positive relationship. Or one parent has just given up entirely.
Or where one parent has an affliction (usually mental) that cannot be improved, and no one seems to believe that it's true that such a condition can be detrimental to a child or even teen? Due to disability rights, Judges cannot discriminate on that, however, the fact that a person has such an affliction which CAUSES either bad behavior, or illegal actions, simply cannot be ignored. For obvious examples, severe mental illness is often linked to men being imprisoned in jail? The facts prove that about 67% of men in prison suffer from some type of mental affliction, even starting at ADD, sometimes left untreated, and far worse mental maladies.

For example, diagnosis by physicians which indicate a person is in fact, bipolar, can mean that if several doctors render the same conclusion on the diagnosis, a person so diagnosed is entitled to social security disability? Surprisingly, not everyone knows that? Many bipolar patients cannot keep a job for longer than 1-3  years. So obviously the social security might be helpful. 
So let's say that your ex actually is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and that his or her past conduct was detrimental to the kids. While the bipolar status itself is a disability, would the court allow bad or unsafe conduct by the bipolar parent as to the kids? The answer should be NO. IF a judge is not aware of psychiatric afflictions, he or she will need to become aware of how a mediator might handle such issues. Attorney has seen it countless times--not all mediators do the same things on all cases.

Attorney is very aware that Butte County has a high incidence of mental illness when compared to statewide CA counties. Therefore knowing how to handle these types of cases is important, especially when the afflicted person cannot get any help from his or her own doctors? 
      These issues can be extremely difficult, especially when opposing attorney becomes fixated on having some type of medical documentation that the doctor will not or cannot produce for institutional or other reasons? At that point the client will likely have to either seek help from the actual agency at a higher level, or contact the local county involving mental health to see if workers there can suggest alternatives.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Do you have a Difficult, Challenging, or Near Impossible Case?!

Cases which fall into this category can be very difficult because no attorney may want to work that hard, the fees charged would be way too high, or the client realizes not everything can actually be resolved. Attorney realizes however, that every case comes with different issues and parameters and many cases that seem quite daunting might be able to be broken down into sections first.

Then it might be, that if one issue is not related to other issues, the lesser issue might be overcome and start paving the way for various changes which can slowly at first, not be so obvious.Attorney says this because attorney is always finding issues within cases that have been ignored, glossed over, or handled improperly. This means usually, that there is hope for the case!

When document preparers handle for example, monetary issues within a case, there might not appear to be a big problem at first, so they put that into a category of no action. BUT if that preparer failed to realize there was a time-related or time-barred problem, a lot of issues might arise that could cause the case to go very differently? Possibly, very badly?
Because clients usually don't know the law or even some of their own rights, it stands to reason that clients may stand to lose more than they bargained for, especially when the other party controlled the finances. Or when one party, say the husband, earned quite a bit during his work tenure and the wife earned less than half the amount but has a mediocre job, should the wife give up spousal because husband doesn't earn as much now?

In family law it is true there are a few rules that may appear to favor certain parties, but for the most part, most litigation is often centered on custody of kids, support to be paid or not (spousal),physical or mental issues, drugs, move-aways (with or without permission), abduction, schooling, and domestic violence. If bankruptcy arises, this can make the case more difficult depending on what issues are involved--and it's very unlikely that even if a case is not heavily disputed--the fact that spouses may have separate or joint debt may be a huge issue and bankruptcy can more adversely affect one spouse in some cases?

Some litigants believe they can file bankruptcy and get rid of spousal support, for the most part, that is not highly likely and if properties are being sold, traded or hidden; if assets have been hidden, or other investments, if tax returns may be audited (and one party was filing non-kosher returns) there can be some very ugly problems ahead. Secured debt may create issues, outstanding debt owed to the couple may cause .issues, lawsuits may cause problems, separately owned property if commingled with community funds can be an issue, secret winnings (gambling, lottos, etc.) owned rentals and owned anything else (like planes, businesses, huge income on undeclared properties, and etc.) may all come up when one least expects it.

Because of these possibilities, many clients with higher incomes can then hire attorneys. But for those without higher incomes, one party may get drastically taken advantage of because he or she has no funds for an attorney; but that spouse may have equity in undivided assets. Therefore, it would be likely that one still might find an attorney to help out, even if the client cannot put up much money for the retainer. If you believe you are in this boat, call attorney. You never know what can happen.