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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Affordable Family Law Attorney Oroville, Chico

Attorney has been working on family law cases for  many years, with a very high percentage of good results. Down to earth, experienced and aggressive but still fair, and a very well spoken advocate in court. Published precedent case at SPB, applicable to all State agencies in California, involving defense of software engineer in alleged sexual harassment, still good precedent since 1993.

You can reach Ms. Chan directly at the number on this site, 530.359.8810.

It's always best to know what you are up against before you get into the case. Attorney has worked on very difficult cases and many, many issues involving kids and finances, non disclosure, alleged abuse, and spousal support disputes; alleged molestation, alleged drug issues, alleged stalking and far more.

Ms. Chan is one of the few attorneys that has worked and researched Animal Law issues for many years, including constitutional due process within the seizure process, exigency issues, improper seizure, owner/breeder property rights, property rights to owned animals/livestock, liens within bankruptcy, owners of service animals, breed specific legislation, breed bans, targed animal owner legislation, and much more.  See, for example: http://animallawparalegal.blogspot.com/

Ms. Chan has practiced in San Diego (all locations- North County, South, Downtown and East County) San Jose Superior, Sacramento Superior (Civil, Criminal, Family), Butte County Superior (Family, Criminal, civil).......  Attorney has also worked on cases shown in the media and news, including animal related cases, and criminal defense related issues. Attorney is admitted into Southern District Federal Court, Northern District Federal Court, and Eastern District Federal Court, plus the Bankruptcy Courts in the same districts, and Colorado Federal District Court.