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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Who Has Not Used Facebook? Maybe we Hate It.

Despite the apparent popularity of Facebook, even attorneys and Judges have gotten in trouble from "friending" or sending "like" requests or whatever nonsense has transpired.

For the record, attorney herein does not use Facebook and doesn't know or want to know how to work it, is not interested in learning how to use it, and quite frankly, believes that FB is basically garbage, but that many people like it because they can somehow garner attention, give out overly personal information, and basically, lose their personal rights unknowingly, but being rather naieve or dumb, do not realize what they are really doing. Then, by willingly placing on FB, all the personal information that people don't need to know--such information can easily be gathered by anyone and then likely sold, disseminated, copied or whatever, including using such data for a family law case (or any type of case) and by then, it's way way too late to turn back the hands of time. American people in general, tend to like things like TV and gossip,which suits FB just fine.

The data that can be harvested from such sites as FB for advertisers, is actually probably a goldmine? Attorney has not researched the main companies who harvest data from FB, but we are sure it's very large because the number of people on FB is huge, and it's all in one place?

The other main issue attorney herein has realized with FB is that it's good for one thing--you can simply access the targeted parent online to see if that parent is bragging about misdeeds, posting pics of same, and the like. It's not difficult to find because the client's friends will tell client they saw this data on FB? and we can get that data--normally at no cost? We usually are able to get evidence like this for free, and most people these days could care less about privacy? AI (artificial intelligence) is not exactly something that we should all want, but we knew it was coming and not surprisingly, when the red light cameras that gave out those tickets (by taking your photo at the stoplights, without permission)-- CA finally shut all of them down after legal action was started.


https://youtu.be/TAWyaGN1F1E    (here is a young person with a brain)

1. You spend more time communicating through Facebook than in person.
2. You are on Facebook more than 20 minutes a day. 20 minutes per day adds up to 5.069 days per year of your life that you have completely wasted.
3. Facebook is the first thing you do when you wake up. And then you’re back on 15 other times throughout the day.
4. You completely ignore your child because you are too busy writing a post about how your eggs tasted strange this morning.
5. You’ve finished your nice dinner at a nice restaurant with your spouse, and you realize at the end that you were just Facebooking the entire time.
6. You announce an important change or event in your life on Facebook. “Hey mom and dad, I’m engaged!”
7. You cut off a quality conversation with someone you just met in real life so that you can send them a friend request.
8. You have been the recipient of the real life words “Please get off of Facebook and spend time with me”
9. You reveal something very deep and personal on Facebook which you regret forever.
10. Every time you find yourself with your circle of friends in real life, you catch yourself just reading your Facebook updates rather than actually talking to them.

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