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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Corona Virus 2021 and How It Can Affect Your Case?

Many "self-represented" litigants have very little understanding of the court system, the protocol, and what to do in Court?

This is not surprising, even with about 70% of clients representing themselves (in CA courts...)

Therefore, if you are representing yourself and cannot possibly afford an attorney, you should at least do some research to figure out how you can increase your chances in Court...this can include any motions, hearings, or documents you file, and exhibits; and if you are not sure how to represent yourself and do stand to LOSE a great deal (of either time, money, or your kids) then it is well worth your effort to pay to have someone who can bolster or increase your chances in court, if only because, the person helping you will know what she/he is doing (because she has done it for decades?!)

Attorney herein (attorney C. Chan) does help litigants win their own cases, and of course will also represent clients in entire cases as well. Some clients are better speakers than others, so if you are not good at doing that, it's best to get some help if possible.

Many times you may be forced into using what is known as "court call" which means you might not go to the court and have to do it from your home over the phone. This is not usually the best way to make your case but sometimes we don't have a choice because the Butte court is limiting litigants to around 20 people at one time in the courtroom. If you believe you need help on your case, please feel free to call--we can possibly help with suggestions that might help your case get a better result. We are very swamped like most offices but we are doing the best we can. :) We might be able to get some points clarified that would work for a judge and mediation, it's hard to say until we know what you have.