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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Domestic Violence Case of the Century from Sacramento Court of Appeals

THIS SACRAMENTO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CASE IS EXCEPTIONALLY DIFFICULT, BUT DEFINITELY A LANDMARK CASE, HAVING GONE THROUGH SEVERAL APPEALS IN THIRD DISTRICT CT. OF APPEALS....   (click  link to read the Boblitt cases--long winded, difficult and very complex compared to normal domestic violence cases, and NOT typical of most domestic violence cases)...Synopsis below

The bottom line is that there is only usually so much time to report domestic violence, but in this case, the parties had a lot of $$$ and definitely spent $$$ to get the Appeals done. The long work taken to obtain these rulings just shows that never giving up sometimes can produce a win for other people down the road.....and fact that they used the Civil Court to get this done, is indicative of how difficult it can be, when one does not report domestic violence either timely, or effectively enough to get the issue going properly.  [We are aware that many domestic violence issues are NOT actually reported, or that such issues never rise to the level of the appeals case herein.]

**...and...the Court made notation that the Plaintiff's mental health issues, arising out of the alleged abuse by defendant during the marriage, made it impossible, impracticable or futile for her to bring the action to trial within 3 years of the remittitur or 5 years of the filing of the complaint.

domestic violence scores a win