Friday, June 14, 2019

Mediation-- Don't Wreck Your Chances

Most clients who have never been to mediation are not prepared and just argue over everything.

That is exactly what NOT to do.  Attorney has many years of time in on how to approach mediation, and can help guide clients before mediation so they do not  make catastrophic errors. Overly emotional parents tend to fare worse than logical parents as a general rule. Parents that are dead set on certain conditions, times and places, and not being flexible, often do not help. Each case is judged on the merits and pitfalls of everything involved (assuming we know what is really involved...)

It is true that some parents come to the table with facts that are not exactly great, but some parents  may lie in order to get what they feel is fair. Mediators have heard many stories over the years and hopefully the mediator you get won't be one that  rushes to judgment.

If you have never been to mediation or have already lost in mediation, and wish to change your status or change the parenting, call attorney today for consultation. 530.359.8810