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Monday, April 27, 2020

What It Takes to WIN a Family Law Case-- and the Cost??

Family law cases actually do fall into the realm of television daytime shows, if you have watched Jerry Springer or Judge Judy, or something similar---you get the drift?

YOUR case might not be as volatile or shocking, but nonetheless, you find yourself having to either battle some attorney that should have already retired, or maybe some attorney that is still working, but he or she is meaner than anyone you have ever met--or even worse--- there is no other attorney representing the other side, and your "EX" is about as awful as they come??

Maybe you have tried EVERYTHING you can think of, you have asked all your friends, looked on Facebook, searched the Internet, and consulted with various sources---and you are still not making any progress on your case?

IN attorney's experience, there are various types of ways that people tend to handle cases--with or without an attorney, and with or without actual legal help.  In many cases, a client has a losing case to start with;  this can be because of several things; for example:

1.  You never had an attorney at all, or you obtained one and he/she did not really seem to help your case.

2.  You did have an attorney, and you made some headway, but ran out of money.

3.   You consulted an attorney, then went to the free help given by the local agency (such as you went to SHARP, where they can help you do the required forms, and you follow the procedures), and they help you fix your documents.

4.  You never wanted to hire an attorney, you looked up everything on your own, did your own research, and found it was too difficult; but you kept going, and in the end, you lost in court.

5.  You hired an attorney, borrowed money, and learned how hard it is to win a case, but your attorney handled your case well, and you won and basically got what you were seeking.

NOW---- if you were to choose-- which of the 5 above, would give a person the best result?

IN attorney's experience, attorney herein would tell you that #5 gives you the best result because you ended up getting what you wanted.  #2 is OK but you would need to figure out beforehand, how to ensure you won't run out of money.  And if you did, are there solutions that could still help you win your case?

I can tell you this much. Almost none of my clients ever have a lot of extra money.
Most of them borrow the money.  


The big difference between  most attorneys and attorney herein-- is that money intake is NOT the first priority, because the money alone won't win a case.

The money can run out and you may still need to win the case; there may be interference that is unexpected, judges that are not fair, witnesses that make the case more difficult, and then there are outright liars brought in to testify?

The will and desire to actually win cases varies with each attorney.  Many attorneys are there to do the work but not necessarily to WIN the case.  Do not fool yourself into believing that it is fun to LOSE your case in family law.  I will tell you first hand, it can be a monumental disaster to lose the case in many instances.

I have seen cases, which, if LOST, would result in horrible consequences that should never happen.  I have seen judges take the wrong side due to politics, we have witnesses outright lying by other parties, and even seen complete and utter fabrication used to make up stories so that they would not lose their cases........BUT--by having seen so many years of this nonsense, attorney is very acutely aware of what NEEDS to be known from the gate, and whether or not we can get the data, use the data, and can apply it to the winning formula.

It boils down to this: if winning your case means everything to you, then contact attorney herein.  Attorney guarantees the most affordable rates.

Not all cases are winnable, BUT many cases are, or can be, or will be, if the right attorney can use what is known, finds out what is not known, and can put it all together to get what you want.  I can say this because it is what I do--- I win cases because I like to do it, and I am pretty good at it. Oh sure, some people will hate me but I don't care. I do care if you win, because I put a lot of time into it.