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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Did Your Ex File a Move Away...or Just Left With YOUR Kids!?

Attorney has seen cases where no one files a move away motion and one parent simply takes the kids and takes off!!? 

This is basically illegal in most cases... IF there is no marriage and no Parentage Act case filed, the county usually won't help you until you show them some legal proof that you are the actual parent.It is usually recommended that All parents have a custody ORDER! We have seen abduction cases where a parent goes to Mexico or Germany for example..... and the parent never finds the kids

We have also seen criminal informants be awarded custody and the other parent left in the dust?

 IF a parent does move away WITHOUT the children.... that parent would need to petition the court, usually through a divorce or parentage act case, to establish visitation.

IF one parent breaks a current court order and purposely physically removes the children to another location, city, state or country, you will need to notify the abduction unit to see if they will help you.  Normally they help those without attorneys (I say this because on the few times I have been there they did not seem to want to interact with attorneys)...

There are many different scenarios that can transpire but the worst is probably when a parent leaves the  country WITH THE KIDS!!  IF THIS HAPPENS TO YOU...YOU MUST ACT QUICKLY AND CONTACT POLICE AND THE ABDUCTION UNIT IN YOUR CITY!