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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Who Can't Afford an Attorney? Most People........

Attorney has and does work hundreds of  unpaid hours on family law cases  and animal law related cases..and has volunteered countless hours working with groups against inherently bad legislation, unconstitutional regulations, and laws that stifle free trade and sales in general.

Despite a great deal of unpaid (pro bono) hours every year,  Attorney has never been awarded any legal fees by any court herein, even if a client requests such fees. 
Because the demand for affordable legal help is high, clients can often use help with their pleadings. If appropriate, attorney will recommend that clients use paralegal services which are overseen by an attorney. [Paralegals cannot represent clients in court..]

An attorney  may specifically work  only specified parts of cases-for example,  the custody  issues, or only certain mediation report   --   via a "Limited Scope" agreement, and if your Divorce-- or-- Paternity-- is not that difficult, you can often do most of it without excessive fees (especially in cases where there are NO spousal, pension, and commingled accounts, OR separate property contributions to community assets for example...)

The Butte County  SHARP  offices have all of the forms for nearly all divorce issues; if there is a complicated issue as to certain situations, you should consult an attorney possibly at the Legal Services of Northern California, which is based upon low income scale. You can also check the law library in Oroville for help.

The majority of cases that attorney works on involve disputed custody, visitation, supervised visitation,  domestic violence, contested domestic violence, repeat offenders of domestic violence, criminal protective orders and domestic violence;  and difficult or involved financial issues (usually illegal) within a marriage. Attorney has also worked for father's rights groups, and domestic violence groups.

Attorney usually suggests that clients visit the SHARP office or at least get the forms online just to read what must be done initially.