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Thursday, September 2, 2021

What's Wrong with Facebook? Just About Everything...How it Can Affect Your Case....

Facebook is likely about the best site to gather evidence if you have a family law case...the reason is because most people are so dumb,(after all they are using FB!) they can't stop talking about everything they do, therefore, it's fair game to use, because they put it out there to begin with? In fact, attorney herein has won cases by using Facebook data against the offending party--many people are just too dumb to realize how bad Facebook can be...this includes using FB even on quasi-crimes or domestic violence issues! Does anyone remember the times before Facebook even existed? Well, maybe not if you are young enough, but basically Facebook is even used by judges, even though judges are not supposed to be trolling Facebook to look up what litigants are doing online...there have been reported cases that a judge here and there was actually using Facebook in some manner where it was determined (in those situations) that judges should not be doing such things? The obvious reason for this is because judges should be impartial and not be trolling for evidence online, duh?

> In any event, if you USE Facebook yourself and are involved in a family law case, it is best to avoid saying ANYTHING on Facebook concerning your case, your family, your whereabouts or what you have done, especially if it foolishly involves drinking too much, getting into trouble, and posting pics of the kids. Unbeknownst to many people, nearly everything online, especially Facebook, is subject to people harvesting the data simply because they can see it!!! Excellent info on Facebook over-sharing: https://www.pixsy.com/over-share-nting-risks/

... and if you signed up for Facebook and did not read the rules, which are extremely long winded and legal, you basically have few rights left to your own data...Data brokers harvest much of what is online simply because you posted it. Even in a jury trial, jurors are told NOT to go online and look at Facebook, but we all know they do it anyway. (make sure to see link at end--plenty of negative things re Facebook that you never dreamed of!!) **One key thing to remember : The Internet is forever. Once you have posted something online, it does not belong to you anymore. If you've shared a photo or status update with anyone, it's possible that they could screenshot it and share it with the world. So when in doubt, don't post it.https://bestlifeonline.com/social-media-mistakes/

Therefore, just be forewarned that Facebook can easily be used to gather data about anyone that willingly posts on Facebook. Such data is regularly harvested by tons of entities because data is used to create countless things online. Some of this can end up causing not only legal issues, but private issues. It is basically not going to be the fault of Facebook if you cannot control yourself and tell the world too much crap? OVERSHARING in today's world is rampant!!! It is NOT necessary to share, share, share everything.

No one needs to know all that nonsense. It can harm you in ways you likely cannot even imagine down the line. Be forewarned. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticism_of_Facebook