Friday, May 1, 2020

Did You Lose Your Case Because You Didn't Make the Right Arguments?

A common complaint by those representing themselves,

 is that Judge.... "Ignored"  what they said?


Judges only have so much time to listen to clients that are representing themselves, since apparently 
about 70-75% of pro se litigants are obviously representing themselves, and judges become weary of
non-arguments, facts that are not facts, and allegations without proof?

The most common thing we see that pro se litigants do, is they do not make clear arguments, even if
they are allegedly factual.  They tend to rant and rave about what they don't like when instead, they
need to get facts established that will either justify their own actions, prove the other actions are not
correct, or some combination thereof.

Of course, litigants representing themselves may not know the law, but they know that someone else
has done something wrong. Well, that's a start. Judge knows the law obviously, so telling judge the law
as a self represented litigants is not what will make you win, most likely.

Self represented litigants can improve their facts and data by hiring a paralegal service which is 
supervised by an attorney, so that Judge can quickly understand the points and data they are trying
to get noticed.  Burying the data is almost sure to not get you any points.

If you need help with paralegal services, contact us as we may be able to help you. We have helped
many litigants in this way, and usually with better results. We offer this service due to number of 
documents that we have seen which caused clients to lose their motions.  Most motions can be
improved upon, and attorney is very good at clarifying, or simplifying arguments.



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