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Saturday, August 14, 2021


Most move away cases will involve one parent moving to a different county, state, or country. This requires the current court that has jurisdiction, to release the case to another court in another jurisdiction. Usually to accomplish this, the current court must give permission for the change of venue. In most cases this will require a hearing and if the case is contested it may require a trial.
This is not exactly the most inexpensive type of motion as it will require both factual data and other information which will be contested. Its is preferable to have as many pertinent and key witnesses as possible to ensure that one has not left any evidence out. If you believe you have a case which requires a jurisdictional issue feel free to contact attorney. Even if you are one who wants to challenge a move away, or you are trying to maintain the status quo, attorney can do either side. While attorney cannot promise an outcome, most of attorney's cases have resulted in satisfied results. Any doubts about your case will be discussed upfront so that we know what we are facing in total.In this manner, the client will know that we have covered the facts and if anything needs to be changed or worked on. My track record of desired results is evident due to the time involved over many years; I am here for only one thing; and that is normally to win the case. If I believe there are impediments to winning what you desire I make that very clear. when it comes to kids and parents, each parent and each child is entitled to get what is fair... and for that reason, I work hard to see that it is done.