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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Drugs-- Hard Drugs, Alcohol, Abuse, Violence + More; Is it Enough to LOSE Your Kids?

WELL................maybe it is and maybe it isn't? Or are drugs even necessary?
And why would we say that? Many cases that have nothing to do with illegal, criminal, or bad conduct go through courts every day. And many cases don't involve kids, protective services, counselors, supervisors, foster parents, or anything related to children. But many cases in fact, do involve these elements or people.

In part, because it  might be determined by who you are, and who the other parent is; and it might be that the other parent is actually not such a great parent, but you are better at parenting; yet, somehow, your kids end up in foster care, in CPS court, or something else where you are separated from them; that perhaps you even have an attorney but can't win no matter what is done; or maybe the other parent has NO attorney, but wins in front of judge despite not following the law, the rules, or even the orders?  http://sacramentocountyfamilycourtnews.blogspot.com/p/temporary-judges.html

If you have such a case,  maybe  this scenario isn't so uncommon locally. It may not be that way in different counties, but we are talking about this county.
We only know this because even if it's not our case, my case, or even your case, it happens. 
So what does that mean as far as what you are trying to do? Good question. You might start looking at the Sacramento courts in Family law, where trouble has been in place for many years; a group started involving a journalist and others, where they got together to start documenting what was happening in family law cases. It appears that due to the overwhelming number of pro se litigants representing themselves (over 75% of cases), the people following the issues seemingly decided to tell the rest of the world what was happening online. http://sacramentocountyfamilycourtnews.blogspot.com/p/temporary-judges.html

This apparently led to documentaries and people who know others (like reporters, journalists, group leaders, and other affected people who found the law and legal system was not working correctly) and they started to keep track of what they believed to be wrongdoing. Mind you, this is not criminal law, but family law courts in Sacramento.

If you are having issues with your case, perhaps you can ask your friends and families to review the same link which is above several times........maybe you will (or won't) find similarities? Maybe you may have to think outside the box for answers. We don't have a solution, but if there is an issue and enough people keep seeing it over, and over, and over, maybe..........???