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Saturday, September 19, 2020


 Attorney is a prolific reader of self help and healing topics, thus attorney has read quite a number of books in regard to being able to recommend reading, for example,  getting over either depression, inability to cope, improving your outlook, and related. I personally do not read any books on depression as a topic because I am seldom ever depressed, however many of the clients are depressed so I have to make a best efforts try and figure out what might work.

My search concluded that years ago, I usually recommend the book Emotional Clearing by John Ruskan because a number of men have told me it was such a big help to them?  

Of course there are older and newer books out there; The Power of your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy is a very old standby and is very well known and very easy to understand.The Healing Code by Alexander Loyd, 2010 is rather easy to use (the writing is very straightforward) and the Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson (How to release your trapped emotions) was done in 2019.  

You might look online to get a glimpse of what is in each book as they are different, but all have good pointers.  I would venture to say that those who refuse to even consider reading any self help books may never be able to change themselves because change is very difficult, it is human nature to NOT want to change anything for that matter?