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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Special Needs Kids, Education Issues, Problems with Getting Help...+ Issues re Covid.........

A much higher percentage of children these days are falling into categories that may encompass special needs, if only because society is putting far more awareness out there (including good, bad, ugly, and you name it?)  [Links at end of this posting... :)]

Social media gone wild is basically the order of the day, so when we see the trials and tribulations of parents who have kids with various issues, we are very aware that care must be taken to address those needs.

Unfortunately, not every single county will address those topics in the same exact manner although some are definitely worse than others.....Larger jurisdictions tend to have more savvy educators that will work diligently to help parents meet their children's needs, whereas smaller jurisdictions won't even have a mediator that knows what he or she is doing, and there is no actual mediation prior to custody that is definitive. (An extremely small jurisdiction will also not likely have the help one would need to even know where to begin--we have seen this, especially in very small rural areas..)

Therefore if one has any kids which might fall under the category of special needs--one will have to do their own research for your own county. CA education law has plenty of rules however, whether those rules are used  (or not)  with the kids is determined by what happens when people don't know what to do for their own kids? 

For example, kids with an IEP or kids that must be carefully supervised all the time will present with differing needs obviously.  If you believe you need attorney's help as the other parent is severely lacking or negligent, feel free to call attorney herein.........

(*Note- as an example, one of attorney's clients had absolutely no custody but the other  parent  had full custody of special needs child, and formerly had a DV TRO on the ex (my client)-- After the mediation and review, the custodial "parent"  lost ALL custody of the child (legal and physical)  due to the errant wrongful conduct that the custodial  parent used/displayed with the child--and the mediation report of nearly 20 pages proved the facts?? The report was 100% against the former custodial parent, who, in attorney's opinion, was definitely afflicted mentally...)

Usually the regional center like Far Northern, is used for many kids.    and