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Friday, September 11, 2020


Let's be clear, shall we?

 IF you do have a challenging, complex, difficult, or terrible case, there are  often several reasons WHY............

ONE:  the other party purposely made it this way and you were too weak to defend yourself 

TWO: You spent all your money on an attorney you THOUGHT would help you and you found out this, in fact, was not true... 

THREE:  You failed to follow the orders that were made and got into trouble??

FOUR:  either you or the ex is on meds, and the meds for whatever reason, did not work, and you or ex messed up and violated a court order??

FIVE: YOU understood the custody order but the ex violated it and you filed a motion and you LOST?

SIX: You waited too long to modify your case and now the statute has passed?

SEVEN:  YOU lost custody due to drugs and your spouse isn't on drugs but is a felon? 

EIGHT: You never had a job for longer than 7 months and when you got a good job, you couldn't pay the support after you lost the good job?

NINE: You ignored the order to pay spousal and now your arrears are excessive

TEN:  YOU never hired an attorney or you hired the wrong attorney, or you believed you didn't need an attorney because the case "wasn't that hard??

Of course in reality, we see hundreds of reasons why people don't win their cases,
and in some types of cases, it may be impossible to win simply because you have an impossible case--- BUT in most cases that attorney has seen, there is always something
 that CAN be done, but it might take a lot of time, 
effort and patience? Attorney is a prolific researcher and usually researches current topics often and likely more often than most attorneys do....
 If you think you may have such a case, call attorney today. 
 There is no charge for the consultation.