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Saturday, September 19, 2020


 First, if you don't have a case but have someone who is knowingly and illegally stalking you then in reality you do have a case but you're allowing someone to stalk you, because you didn't take charge and find out how to remove the crap from your phone? Your computer?

Many domestic violence victims are stalked by stalkerware, which are just basically a type of program that eliminates your privacy (illegal) and especially without your knowledge?

You can see one of attorney's other sites, for example, https://chicofamilylawattorney.blogspot.com/2016/12/httpwebcache.html  to read the data on the phone stalkerware. 

Also, anyone with the "feature", for example with Verizon, when it's a family plan and there is the ability to see all the text messaging, etc. by doing whatever the phone company gives you, so the data is shared or you cannot keep secret text messages or whatever-- Attorney does not believe in sharing private data on any devices, period, so attorney would never have this problem unless someone infiltrated a phone or computer,etc. and I did not notice it? 

I usually never allow texting from clients because forensically it is considered as UNSECURE........)  It is also a nightmare to have to pay and introduce data in that way into court cases. The new forensics on text evidence is very expensive and burdensome when one tries to introduce such evidence.